Sunshine Soul-Ultra Violet

I am so pleased to introduce Sunshine Soul. This group of fabrics truly holds a piece of my heart. I created this line of fabrics with one thought in mind… having a Sunshine Soul means you radiate positivity like the rays of the sun and, in turn, you light up those who surround you. You more easily find peace in your mind and body when you let your light shine! Remember, if you are shining light on another, you cannot keep that light from yourself. I strive to be a Sunshine Soul each day. I wanted to create fabrics that emote that feeling and share the beauty of this world’s sunlight as well. Sunshine Soul has beautiful sunrise and sunset colors that cast a peaceful glow upon the colors around it. I have glinting bits of gold and copper throughout to reflect the sun’s radiance. I focused on flowers - of course! - but added my beloved butterflies because they are both lovers of sunshine! I hope Sunshine Soul inspires you to create something for the sheer joy of the process, and maybe share that joy and light with another.