Embellish Iridescent Mylar

The only mylar you will ever need! The iridescent color shifts as you change thread! Add sparkle, luster and shine with this amazing machine-washable material! The iridescent mylar tissue is economical and versatile. It picks up the color of the thread and fabric to give infinite possibilities in colors and shine. Easy to use, it will not dull your needle and easily tears away. The packaging includes access to 27 Machine Embroidered Mylar Letter Designs, a whole design set for FREE! Includes three 18” x 30” sheets. Works with all Mylar designs, including those created in Embellish™ Maker Software using our one-click mylar tool. Try using it with our Embellish™ Matte and Flawless embroidery thread. For that extra special sparkle use it with RNK Metallic thread.