Bubble Jet Rinse - 160oz


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Want to print your own fabric? Bubble Jet allows you to use your ink jet printer to create your own fabric or print pictures on fabric. The Bubble Jet Rinse is specifically designed to remove the Bubble Jet Set 2000, any excess ink, and also has some additional fixative properties to keep the print from fading. Contains no perfumes or bleach, but does contain less than .001% Formaldehyde, if you are chemically sensitive. The Bubble Jet Set Rinse looks like a handy product to have around anyway, as it is good to wash fabrics in that might bleed or fade as it can make some of the dyes more permanent and works well to wash out the dye that isn't. It also purports to remove waxes, knitting oils, sizing and mill dirt from all kinds of fabrics and yarns. Kind of like 2 or 3 products in 1!