Applipops Propack Plus

APPLIPOPS are a foolproof and fun way to make turned-edge applique circles with no glueing, no basting, no tracing, no templates, no measuring & no getting it wrong. How do APPLIPOPS work? Applipops are concentrically sized stainless steel rings that fit inside one another. To make a circle for applique, choose two sequentially sized rings and place a piece of fabric right-side down over the larger ring. Place the smaller ring on top of the fabric piece and press it into the opening in the larger rings center. Trim the fabric piece, apply starch, and press the edges to the center. Allow to cool and remove the rings- voila- a perfect circle for applique! APPLIPOPS are made of beautiful stainless steel that will not stain, corrode, or rust, and they are thinner than a dime to keep a fine edge on your applique for extra precision. Because they are metal, APPLIPOPS will get hot after prolonged contact with the iron. Let them cool down before picking them up! The APPLIPOPS Pro Pack Plus includes TWO complete sets of rings so you can use one while the other cools. You will receive rings to make 8 Different Circle Sizes: - 0.375 inch - 0.5 inch - 0.75 inch - 1 inch - 1.25 inches - 1.5 inches - 1.75 inches - 2 inches