Purrfect Day-Cat Faces

"tI take time to read every day and always have a book, or two, or three in progress. In fact, my idea of a perfect day would be to spend it curled up in a big chair reading a good book. Ah, so relaxing! It's even better when I have something curled up at my feet to keep them warm. A little over a year ago, we found oursleves as guardian parents to a very large, one-eyed orang tabby cat, Toulouse, who is now here to stay. Sometimes he appeses me and curls up at my feet (or right next to me). Other times he just wants to be playful and gets into all sorts of mischief, as cats tend to do. Although I was very reluctant to take him in, Toulouse has managed to wiggle his way into the fabric of our lives and hearts, as well as my newest fabric collection! Yes, Toulouse and his silly antics were my inspiration for several of the kitties playing amongst the books on the panel print in this collection. As I creted the panel, I kept envisioning Toulouse and thinking that for him, it would be a Purrfect Day of fun! My hope is that it will capture your heart just as he did ours!" Terri