Pumpkin Harvest Daisies on Yellow

The leaves are falling and the pumpkins are ripe for the picking. Autumn is favorite season for many. Imagine the landscape painted in warm saturated hues of color. Vegetables, fruits and flowers are abundant and gathered for all to share and enjoy. Harvest time is celebrated in many cultures and is a time for feasting and family. We have created some unique designs for a variety of projects to help you decorate your home this Autumn season. A great example is the Jacobean Panel. This panel is easy to quickly border and finished for a wall hanging, or banner quilt. Check out the border stripe; it is fantastic for bordering in various ways. These fabrics are designed with project versatility in mind. Be sure to stock up on folio basics as well. A selection folio basics coordinate perfectly with “Pumpkin Harvest” and are used generously.