Quilting Around the World

Mar 6th 2017

As worldwide quilting day on March 18th approaches, we wanted to share with you some amazing patterns and traditions of quilting from around the world. Comment on this post what traditional quilting technique from around the world is your favorite!

Amish Quilting


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Many Amish quilts are made to commemorate a special moment such as a wedding or new child, and therefore they are made with a high level of detail and care. The quilts are used daily and go through much wear and tear, because of this they are built sturdy and often passed down as family heirlooms. 

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Early on, Amish quilts were made with mostly solid fabrics and neutral colors (pictured right), but today they are made with extraordinary detail and vibrant colors (pictured above). Each quilt is hand stitched and often women can only make a few every year. Read more about Amish quilting from Amish Country Quilts.

Native American Quilts


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It is believed that some Native Americans learned the art of quilting from white settlers and others from missionaries. Nonetheless, Native Americans have created their own unique quilting methods.

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A traditional Native American pattern is the Morning Star (pictured above). It is still a popular pattern today and is used as a gift for special occasions. Seminole patchwork is another popular technique that was used mostly for clothing, but has now transferred to quilting (pictured left). Read more about Native American Quilting from Women Folk.

Hawaiian Quilting

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In Hawaii, early quilts were made from kapa, which is a cloth made from the inner bark of native trees. The traditional quilts were made in layers, but only sewed at one end, making it possible to adjust the number of layers while in use. 

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An appliquetechnique is used in Hawaiian designs to maintain a symmetrical, plant-like, and organically curved design that was often cut from one piece of fabric (pictured above and left). Learn more about Hawaiian quilts from Women Folk.

Hmong Quilting

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Hmong quilting is traditionally prided on delicate needlework and often includes bright embellishments. The quilts are created mostly for celebrations (pictured right). Previously, the detailed needlework often contained symbolism that was unique to each tribal group. Each quilt contained painstaking detail that took years of practice to achieve. Learn more about Hmong quilting from Women Folk.

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